Analisis Kebisingan di Kawasan Industri Pengolahan dan Pengawetan Ikan Daerah Banyuwangi Jawa Timur


  • Tuhu Agung Rachmanto
  • Namira UPN "Veteran" Jawa Timur


complaint impact, fish processing and preservation industry, noise, surfer


Noise can be defined as sound that is unwanted by humans. The main contributor to noise in this study is noise from one of the fish processing and preservation industries in the Banyuwangi area. Noise can have physical and non-physical impacts so that the surrounding community feels uncomfortable with the noise generated by this industry. Industrial noise pollution caused by industrial activities is analyzed to determine the impact of the noise pollution caused. To analyze the impact of industrial noise pollution, surfer software is used which is analyzed through the wide distribution of the affected areas. Data collection was carried out in the production area and the area around the factory. Noise level measurements were measured using a sound level meter where from 5 test points these 5 points exceeded the existing quality standard threshold of 70 dB(A) for industrial areas and 55 dB(A) for residential areas. It can be seen that the highest value level is 87.8 dB(A) and residential communities around the location of industrial activities feel uncomfortable with the impact of complaints including dizziness, headaches, and hearing loss with this industrial noise.