Perencanaan Pendekatan Analisis Sistem Causal Loop Diagram Pada Pengolahan Sisa Spunbond Produksi Industri Tekstil Sebagai Bahan Baku Produksi Berbasis Low Waste


  • Qothrunada Z UPNVJT
  • Raihan Januar Anggoro UPN "Veteran" Jatim


Causal Loop Diagram, Production Waste Planning, Recycle, Stella 9.0.2


Industry in Indonesia is growing from year to year along with economic, technological, and scientific developments. The industrial waste problem cannot be separated from the overall waste problem. These problems include operational technical, legal, funding, social, and institutional or management aspects. Spunbond production in companies in the non-woven textile industry produces products of poor quality. By reducing the accumulation of production waste in the form of spunbond which is processed in the recycle process, the remaining production waste in the form of spunbond becomes raw material for production in the form of polypropylene (PP) plastic seed chips or finished products from recycling units. This research aims to analyze the processing of production waste which is processed in the recycling unit. This approach is carried out using a dynamic system model and with the help of Stella 9.0.2 software. The methods used in this research are problem identification, creating dynamic hypotheses, model validation, and model evaluation. The simulation results show that the amount of recycle processing can process around 10.86% of the production which produces 100,000 tons/day in production. Therefore, a policy is needed to enlarge the process of recycling so that the cycle used for the production of raw materials is better without the accumulation of waste left over from unprocessed production.